Star Wars

Combining the cultural phenomena and popularity of Star Wars with Catholic theology, Anthony appeals to a popular audience with this fun and insightful presentation. The presentation includes an exploration of faith, hope, love, temptation, evil, virtue, self-sacrifice, and more!

"Anthony's talk on Star Wars: A Catholic Perspective delved into the richness of our Catholic faith and drew powerful connections between the Catholic faith and Star Wars in an engaging and insightful manner. We really wanted a unique talk that would bring the faith to life for our teens, and his talk delivered! He kept our teens' attention and challenged them to live out a virtuous life. Our teens walked away energized in their faith, and they were excited to share what they had learned. We hope to work with Anthony again in the future."

-Kara Becker, Diocese of Charlotte Eucharistic Congress High School Track Coordinator

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Anthony is in the process of completing and publishing a book on the connections between Catholicism and Star Wars. Connect with Anthony via social media (top bar of webpage) to receive information about the upcoming book and any additional Star Wars and Catholicism information.