Why God? Why Christian? Why Catholic? – DVD Set of 3



Explore the reasons behind our faith in God, Christianity, and Catholicism with this three-part parish mission or workshop. These presentations combine Christian and Catholic apologetics with evidence from science, philosophy, and archaeology. Purchase all 3 together in this exclusive set at a special discount!

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“Anthony’s knowledge not only of Catholic Theology but other theologies was outstanding. All I heard at the receptions following each night of Anthony’s “Why God? Why Christian? Why Catholic?” presentations was how much the congregation enjoyed it and how it gave them a deeper connection to their faith. I was personally refreshed in many areas of the Catholic faith. I highly recommend Anthony Digmann as a presenter for parish missions and workshops.”

-Fr. Paul Baldwin, Pastor of Sacred Heart and St. Luke Parishes, Monticello and Hopkinton, IA.

“Anthony Digmann is an engaging, dynamic speaker who connects with his audience in a very personal way. Anthony’s love for the faith is evident in his enthusiasm and vast knowledge of Holy Mother Church. His talk left us wanting more. In fact, for the first time in my memory, Legates asked when we could have Anthony return. Highly recommended!”

-Jerry and Mary Rooney, Legatus Chapter, Savannah, GA

“Anthony is very knowledgeable, yet engages the common ordinary person, challenging them to grow in their faith. Those attending couldn’t wait to hear what he was going to share the next night! Our mission with Anthony was one of our best!”

-June Francois, DRE St. Benedict Catholic Church, Decorah, IA

“Anthony Digmann was a fantastic and powerful speaker. He spoke to an inter-generational audience of 6th graders through those over 80, and all took away important points from his presentations “Why God?” and “Why Christianity?” The students were especially interested as they were studying some of those same topics in their science classes. College bound students were glad they attended, so they are better equipped to explain their faith to others.”

-Martin Ahrndt, Director of Faith Formation, Christ Our Hope Cluster, Lawler, IA.

“Our deanery catechists and parishioners really enjoyed Anthony’s talk. He has a unique way of making his presentation both interesting and alive. We highly recommend Anthony for parish or catechetical events.”

-Sr. Peggy Duffy, SSND, Holy Family Parish DRE, Fort Madison, IA

“I first saw Anthony at a Men’s conference where his inspirational insight and wisdom gave me plenty to chew on for awhile. Later that year he passionately presented our parish mission, and the response was outstanding! I have heard so many positive reactions, even weeks later, and I highly recommend Anthony as a vibrant and faithful Catholic speaker.”

-Dr. Tony Coppola, Decorah, IA


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