Star Wars

"Star Wars: A Catholic Perspective" This popular talk combines the overwhelming success of Star Wars with Catholic theology and practice in a fun and insightful presentation. It includes an exploration of faith, hope, love, temptation, evil, virtue, self-sacrifice, and more! This talk is available on DVDCD, and mp3 download. Sample videos are on the Videos page.

"Anthony Digmann's 'Star Wars: A Catholic Perspective' presentation was phenomenal! He exceeded all expectations we had for his talk. Anthony has a deep passion for Catholicism and Star Wars and it showed in his presentation. He was high energy and very interactive with his audience, which ranged from children to older adults--all were engaged. A definite 10 out of 10!” -Jayne MJ Stefanic, MSW, LISW; Director of Family Life, Catholic Diocese of Savannah, GA

"Anthony's talk on Star Wars: A Catholic Perspective delved into the richness of our Catholic faith and drew powerful connections between the catholic faith and Star Wars in an engaging and insightful manner. We really wanted a unique talk that would bring the faith to life for our teens, and his talk delivered! He kept our teens' attention and challenged them to live out a virtuous life. Our teens walked away energized in their faith, and they were excited to share what they had learned. We hope to work with Anthony again in the future." -Kara Becker, Diocese of Charlotte Eucharistic Congress, High School Track Coordinator

NEW BOOK! Using the Force: Star Wars and Catholicism. Click here for details.

“In Using the Force: Star Wars and Catholicism, Digmann combines two of my favorite topics--the Catholic faith and the characters and events that unfolded ‘a long time ago . . . in a galaxy far, far away.’ As a Star Wars nerd, I found this book intriguing--a thoughtful and well-researched summation of the various episodes and (even the lesser known) storylines. As a Catholic Catechist and ‘Bible Geek’ I found the book edifying--an impressive and creative way in which to unpack the faith to a generation and cross-section who might not otherwise discern the truly dogmatic ‘trees’ within Endor’s forest. If the Star Wars fan in your life (or in the mirror) loves the Catholic faith as much as the not-so-holy Clone Wars and galactic battle between Empire and Rebellion, this is soon to be a surefire favorite on their shelf.”

Mark Hart, Executive Vice President, Life Teen and Catholic Author, Speaker, Radio Host

“Using the Force: Star Wars and Catholicism is not only a labor of love, it is a meticulously researched sourcebook for anyone who might find themselves in a position to catechize the Star Wars generations, or especially to evangelize youth. Writing as a fan, rather than a critic, allows Digmann to mine the Star Wars universe for connections to Christianity in general, and Catholicism in particular; connections that faithful Catholics will definitely appreciate. This is a book only a passionate fan could have written, and reading it made me want to watch the films all over again!”

 Dr. James L. Papandrea, author of From Star Wars to Superman: Christ Figures in Science Fiction and Superhero Films

Listen FREE to Anthony as a guest on the Christ-IN Culture show discussing Catholicism in Star Wars.

Listen FREE to Anthony as a guest on the Christ-IN Culture show discussing Episode VIII - The Last Jedi.

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"Our audience of 60+, ranging in age from 5-80, were all caught up in Anthony's enthusiastic and insightful presentation, 'Star Wars: A Catholic Perspective.' All Catholics, they included Star Wars buffs as well as those who had seen one or two of the films. All were delighted with his masterfully-timed one hour presentation. He will always be welcome at St Matthew's.” -Fr. Douglas K. Clark, STL, Statesboro, GA

"Anthony's talk was engaging, insightful and full of rich connections to Catholicism. He showed that he has a vast knowledge of Catholicism, and used his knowledge of Star Wars to create a unique presentation that sparked some great discussions amongst our students after the event. I would highly recommend Anthony for any youth or young adult event." -Joe Bakken, Director of Campus Ministry, St. Thomas More Catholic Newman Center at Minnesota State University, Mankato




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