New Book, DVD, CD, & MP3

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Riveting, orthodox, and passionately Catholic, Anthony J. Digmann's rich understanding of theology and experience engaging Catholic youth and adults combine with his vibrant enthusiasm in a way sure to make a memorable impact on your audience.

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New Book, DVD, CD, & MP3

New Book, DVD, CD, & MP3

"Sign of Contradiction: Contraception, Family Planning, and Catholicism" is of inestimable value for thoroughly conceiving the beauty of God’s vision for marital sexuality and the consequences of thwarting it. It is now also available as a talk on DVD, CD, and MP3.

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Videos and Talk Samples

Videos and Talk Samples

In addition to being a Catholic speaker, author, and educator, Anthony is also a professional video production specialist and has a BA degree in Communications: Electronic Media. Click below to see several of his Catholic videos and samples of his talks.

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Specialty Talks

Customized talk proposals are also welcomed. Contact Anthony to discuss the details of your event.

"Star Wars: A Catholic Perspective"

Combining the cultural phenomena and popularity of Star Wars with Catholic theology, Anthony appeals to a popular audience with this fun and insightful presentation.  Includes an exploration of faith, good vs. evil, temptation, virtue, self-sacrifice, providence, conversion, prayer, and more!

"Introduction to Catholic Apologetics"

This talk offers a primer on charitably and effectively sharing and defending the Catholic faith.  Areas of emphasis are the Protestant doctrines of Sola Fide & Sola Scriptura as well as Catholic teachings such as Apostolic Succession, Eucharist, Mary & the Saints, Confession and more.

"Sign of Contradiction - LIVE!"

Utilizing the highlights of Anthony's book of the same title, this talk offers a fresh, thorough treatment the Church's teaching on "birth control" and Natural Family Planning with evidence gleaned from recent decades on the effects of how we plan our families. Buy the talk on DVD (Video), CD (audio), or MP3 (audio) today!

"Does God Exist?: Faith, Reason, and Evidence"

Having taught some of the most skeptical members of the Church--teenagers--Anthony developed this talk as a matter of necessity.  Being one of the greatest skeptics in his own classroom, Anthony lays out the evidence and reason supportive of faith in God.

"Without the Resurrection, Christianity is Dead"

St. Paul in 1 Cor 15:14 says that the Resurrection is pivotal for Christianity.  In this talk Anthony considers the significance of the Resurrection as well as examines the evidence to support the historical Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

With over a decade of experience in Catholic parishes, programs, and schools, Anthony is able to tailor talks for many needs and topics.  Contact Anthony today and share your ideas for a customized talk for your event or parish.

"Customized Talk to Fit Your Needs"


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